At PT. Ecoplast Asia, we are fully devoted to innovative formulations, sustainable development, and high-tech manufacturing of seamless synthetic fibers, which qualities are truly in a class of their own. Below are some of highlighted superiorities of ECOLENE® fibers as the new generation of synthetic fibers:

1. ECOLENE® fibers are free from harmful substances and meet the human-ecological requirements of the international standard presently established, as validated by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate from Switzerland;

2. Introducing a patent-pending technology called EcoTag that makes it possible to identify and authenticate the presence of a unique UV (ultra violet) protection additive in every ECOLENE® fiber; By Using special device and method, this technology helps prevent product counterfeiting, because only ECOLENE® products that can be identified and authenticated;

3. ECOLENE® fibers are flame retardant fibers. They were tested in accordance with the requirements stated in International Marine Organization (IMO) Res. A. 652 (16) for cruise line and marine application. To facilitate the requirements of IMO’s standard other manufacturers of synthetic fibers in the market have to modify their formulations. Meanwhile, each and every ECOLENE® fiber is already in full compliance with the IMO’s standard, without having to alter the existing formulations.

4. The release of ECOLENE® Low Density Series has marked a noteworthy development in the areas of synthetic fiber technology. We have succeeded in inventing a large-dimension fiber that is exceptionally lightweight, and remarkably elastic in nature.